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Coal Board Medicals

All Queensland Coal mine workers are required to undergo a coal board medical. These coal board medicals can only be completed by a nominated medical advisor (NMA). NMA doctors undertake medical assessments in order to ensure that employees are fit for working in the mines.

We have two doctors who are experienced NMAs

  • Same day section four¬†sign off
  • Drug and alcohol screening
  • Standard Coal Board Medical $275
  • Coal Board Medical Mines Rescue $345.00
  • Drug & Alcohol Screening $60
What's Involved with Coal Board Medical?
  • Height and Weight
  • Vision test
  • Hearing test (Audiometry)
  • Lung Function test (Spirometry)
  • Urine test for blood, protein, etc. (NOT a drug screen)
  • Musculoskeletal system
  • Abdomen
  • Top to toe examination by the doctor

The standard medical DOES NOT include:

  • Extra examination items for Mines Rescue role (please tell us if this is required)
  • Blood tests
  • Occupational Vaccinations
  • Drug and alcohol screen
  • Chest X-ray

The Doctor will organize a referral for a Chest X-ray if required.

Fast turn around and urgent appointments can be made by special appointment.

You should expect to set aside 1 hour to complete the medical assessment. Wear shorts or loose fitting pants for your appointment.

Interim Medical Assessment

If are not yet employed in the coal mining industry and you want to improve your application when applying for mining jobs; or you have received an offer of employment from a mining company; or you have a disability that might affect your ability to get a job in the mines then the Health Surveillance Unit has created an interim medical assessment report form that can be used by doctors when assessing personnel who are not yet in the industry.

This report can then be used to indicate the level of fitness required to gain employment as a coal mine worker. Talk to us if you require an Interim Medical Assessment.

Drug and Alcohol Screening is available at Slade Point Medical Centre.

Pre-employment Medicals

Our medical centre has the staff and equipment necessary to conduct pre-employment medical for your company.

Drivers Licence

We can perform medicals for both Private and Commercial licences

Mole & Skin Checks

Worried about skin damage or a suspicious mole?

Talk to your Doctor if you notice a freckle, mole or lump that is new or changing in size, shape or colour, or a sore that does not heal.